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    Hello Harmonica Brothers and Sisters,

    Online Jam
    Fatsrythm by Paul Lassey
    Fatsrythm by Sebastian
    Roundup The Usual Suspects by Jake Goebel
    Fatsrythm by DaveyG Centerstage

    Harmonica Boogie Jam #11 has started and we already have over 20 free backing tracks. Stop by and play some harmonica with us!

    If you ever wondered what a mixer was good for, I wrote an article about them from a harmonica player's perspective. See Gear Lust immediately below.

    Gear Lust

  • Hohner XB-40: The Extreme Bender - Rick Beall 9/28/06
    The Diatonic on which you can bend all notes --sorta

  • Mixers from a Harp Player's Perspective - Rick Beall 9/28/06
    Why would a harmonica player need a mixer? They are a bunch of wires that provide no new features, right? Wrong!

  • Jay Richard's J-Mic Harmonica Microphone - Rick Beall 11/04/05
    It looks different, it feels different, it sounds great!

  • Jim McBride's Bottle 'O Blues Microphone - Rick Beall 6/19/05
    Probably the best buy for a guaranteed Chicago style harmonica microphone in the world!

  • New Cherub Microphone by HarpWorks - Rick Beall 9/18/04
    Not your Average Taxi Dispatch Mic! Microphone designed by Harp Players for Harp Players as Studly as a JT-30, and yet is equally at home on the front porch at Walton's Mountain

    CD Reviews

  • Willie Foster “My Inspiration” - Brett Peruzzi 3/23/06
    Inspiring Sounds From a Delta Harp Legend

  • Big George Brock & the Houserockers - Brett Peruzzi 12/04/05
    Club Caravan: Down-Home Harp From a Delta-Born Bluesman

  • OnlineJam.org Best of Jam VI - Rick Beall 7/31/05
    The 6th jam www.OnlineJam.org ended July 2005. The music was as good as any I have ever heard anywhere. To commemorate the event, we created an online collection of the Best from Jam VI. We also created a sort of kit so you can download and burn your own CD's complete with artwork.

  • A Step Out of the Blue by Will Vogtman - Rick Beall 8/20/04
    An alternate jazz universe featuring harmonica right out of the Harlem Renaissance

  • Ultimate Blues Jam Harmonica Edition - Rick Beall 7/18/04
    Where else can you go to hang with the bands who played behind Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, Sonny Boy II, Billy Boy Arnold, George Harmonica Smith, and William Clark?

  • Michael Fell and his So Called Friends - Rick Beall 4/05/04
    Ready for some great harp, ready for a vibrato like a purring tyrannosaurus?

  • Chas plays ... Chas - Rick Beall 3/27/04
    In a whispery voice over pop arrangements skewered by slide guitar Chas tells us about his world.

  • Black Mountain Harmonica by Tony Eyers - Rick Beall 3/07/04
    Fiddle Tunes straight out of the Baroque played blisteringly fast and featuring beautiful two part harmonica arrangements.

  • Pace Yourself by P. T. Gazell - Rick Beall 2/21/04
    If you have ever been to the Smokies and driven the old roads, the old switchbacks, then you have a feel for stylistically how this album felt to me as it took me to bluegrass.

  • Otto Becker in SMORP - Rick Beall 10/01/03
    Are you ready for industrial, post-punk harmonica?

  • Up All Night by Dennis Gruenling - Rick Beall 8/30/03
    Harmonica riffs like molten gold poured into every song recreate and extend George "Harmonica" Smith, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Little Walter in new ways.

  • Blues Approved by Schmidt and Scott - Rick Beall 8/26/03
    The harp returns with all the subtlety of a burgler making a mistep in your attic and ending up in your living room. Could a harp player ask for more?

  • The Nashville Sessions - Rick Beall 8/24/03
    With nine guitars, two harmonicas, and one hammond organ, this CD by the Blues All Stars is better than cornbread with the butter built in.

  • Pete Schmidt and "The Ultimate Blues Jam Vol 2" - Rick Beall 8/02/03
    You can practice to this CD, and also learn how to "call the tune" at a jam.

  • Richard Hunter --The Second Act of Free Being - Rick Beall 6/30/03
    Master of the American Vernacular, Richard Hunter creates Pocket Masterpieces which would be well recieved in any concert hall or any carefully staked out corner in the US.

  • Mitch Weiss --Blue Mitchell - Rick Beall 6/30/03
    How would you describe a song where Beethoven goes out drinking with Little Walter?

  • Michael Peloquin -- House of Cards - Rick Beall 6/28/03
    There is a horn blast, then the harp plays a riff with a tone as thick as a tree trunk. The guitar plays like lightening in the sky. You can't argue with a guy who mixes horns and harp!

  • Carlos del Junco --Just Your Fool - Rick Beall 6/28/03
    A syncopated Seance with Little Walter, Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf, ... and all I can say is, And So Much More

  • Gary Primich --Company Man - Rick Beall 5/18/03
    If you want to get the idea of the fluency and clean articulation to which the harmonica is possible, listen to Gary Primich.

  • Jason Ricci and New Blood --Feel Good Funk - Rick Beall 5/18/03
    Diatonic harp playing that feels like it has no limits --How does he do that?

  • Alibi --Drowning in the Mainstream - Rick Beall 5/17/03
    From the frozen land where in the winter they drive around in Lunar Vehicles and in the summer they catch fish the size of your first love, comes an album featuring Bill Gausman on harp.

    Bluesharp News

  • Lessons Learned in Pursuit of Harp Tone - Dean Williams 11/08/05
    Recollections of a gear head as he slowly learns where real tone comes from

  • Delta Bound - Brett Peruzzi 10/18/05
    A Traveler's Guide to the Land Where Blues Began

  • Put Your Harp Music on the Web - Rick Beall 2/28/04
    With the breakup of MP3.com late last year, there has been an explosion of small sites vying for the attention of musicians

  • Great New Blues Radio Station on Internet - Rick Beall 11/25/03
    Streaming from Taiwan, 'The Blues Power Hour' includes blues music, history, and anecdotes

  • New "Bluesville" Chat Room - Rick Beall 9/09/03
    Guest Artist Chats, CD's to listen to, prizes for knowing blues trivia --it sounds like heaven to me!

  • The famous JT-30 Harp Mic - Rick Beall 9/09/03
    Barbecue Bob was originally "hipped" to JT-30s by none other that Big Walter, and now Barbecue Bob can "hip" you too!

  • Book Review of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing the Harmonica" - Rick Beall 7/23/02
    This book should give the beginner the skills necessary to play diatonic harmonica with authority, and give him the musical skills and concepts necessary to play with other musicians as an equal.

  • Book Review of Jon Gindick's "Rock n' Blues Harmonica" - Rick Beall 7/23/02
    Books fulfill different functions. Some are great references, some are great at teaching you what I call "an alien concept". This book is great at teaching you that "alien concept". And wait until you hear about the CD!

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